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IIST: Top "ten" tips to optimize your health, and your effectiveness as a health professional: part I

with Robert Jokel, P.T.



WHEN: Wednesday, July 16 from 7:30 PM to 10PM

WHERE: Upper West Side, NYC

COST: $75.00


As health professionals, we have precise knowledge, experience, techniques, and skills that we draw from to help others to heal.


How can we grow in such a way that will make everything we do more effective?


In Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he makes convincing arguments to use his 7 principles, or habits, as a path to a more effective and fulfilling life. And I agree!


His 7th habit is "Sharpen the Saw"


"Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have ... you. It means having a balanced program for self-renewal" Stephen Covey


In this 2.5 hour class, I will introduce you to the first five of my top "ten" tips to optimize your health and for self renewal. They are:



1. Hydration: Did you know that a lack of energy, chronic pain, and chronic digestive disorders are often signs of dehydration? Learn how to re-hydrate yourself with sea salt and water and replenish your minerals with a special broth that was used for decades in all of the healing spas throughout Europe.


2. Green Superfoods: To maximize your health, we need to support this with nutritionally dense foods. We go over fast and easy ways to integrate this "tip" into your daily life.


3. Qigong plus: Doing qigong by itself will help you to clear and strengthen your entire meridian system, improve lymphatic flow, and exercise all of your joints. With consistent practice, it significantly helps to strengthen your immune system and has been shown to improve red and white blood cell counts even in the midst of chemotherapy. It also often does wonders for chronic pain. Doing qigong plus, which includes creating resonance with special sounding and breathing exercises, will radically improve your results. It will also assist you in coordinating the movement of your respiratory diaphragm with your entire rib cage. Not only is this important for your musculo-skeletal system, but it is essential for promoting lymphatic health as well.


4. Your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS): By creating balance and flexibility of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, you will profoundly enhance your immune system and take a big step in maximizing your health. We will learn how to do this experientially in this class through qigong plus. We will also discuss how what we eat influences our ANS. and we will discover how we can better individualize our nutritional regimes by taking our ANS balance into consideration.


5. Listening to your inner voice: Most likely the most important of these 5 tips.


These tips were put together to help you to become more centered, balanced, and aligned in yourself and thus better equipped to help others to heal. These are also the "tips" that I teach many of my clients with cancer to maximize their healing potential.


My wish is to give you an experience of being both deeply relaxed and fully alive ...


and leave you with tools to create this for yourself!


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